by Radek Suski

Since 2006 Radek is providing high quality extensions for Joomla!. He continues his educational studies of Science of Informatics at Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and works full time for the Sobi projects. As the development leader, Radek is the mastermind for developing SobiPro and the additional applications. As the system administrator he is also responsible for the setup and maintenance of all servers, the forum as well as the demo sites. Radek is former First Chairman of the PCJ Open Source Foundation Council, member of the German J and Beyond e.V. and former OSM Board Member. His other Joomla involvement includes contributing to the work of the Bug Squad, and he is member of the Joomla! Social Media team and a leader of the Joomla! Events Team. Radek is a frequent speaker at JoomlaDay events throughout Europe and beyond.