by Derek Buntin

I would like to present on the topic of Growth-Driven Design and how it can help both marketers and agencies alike change the way they do business and deliver websites. The traditional web design process is broken. Your website is the centerpiece of all your marketing activities and is your “best salesperson,” yet the way we traditionally approach website design has a great deal of systemic risk and wasted opportunity.

There's a smarter way to think about web design and that's by implementing Growth-Driven Design.

Growth-Driven Design focuses on three main principles:

1) Minimise the risk of website redesigns
2) Continuously learn and improve
3) GDD Learning informs marketing and sales

I believe my presentation would be beneficial to marketers and agencies, helping them not only with their website redesigns but also helping agencies move from a project based business model where cash flow can be a problem to a retainer based business model allowing their cash flow to be much more predictable, this also allows them to grow their business.