by Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen

Using a case story this session will take a hands on approach to how visitors behavioral patterns can be used to adjust and optimize the visitors experiences by accomodating the mega tendencies of the visitors of a website.

The Content Marketing Platform built on Joomla, records all steps and actions of the vistor and allows modules to be loaded based on the visitors actual behavior on the website.

In this session we go through the metodology and practical approach as well as an overview of how and why it matters to communicate on the basis of the visitors, and not of the website owner.

Websites are afterall build for visitors and users, not for the sake of the owner.

This session also touches on the topics of enriched user data, geoip based data, machine learning and how the summarization of all can feed into your organization and increase the output of your investments into a digital strategy.

This session is for all and offers interesting and very concrete inputs and learning for developers, designers, integrators, content marketing authors, marketing professionals as well as business owners.

This session builds upon the session from J & Beyond 2015 on "Behavioral Responsiveness" which can be seen before hand on the following link: