by Abdulkadir Shehu

With the level of unemployment in the world, many people especially youths always are of the notion that the Government must provide them with jobs, but the reality is that government cannot provide jobs for all. This is why the youths and young entrepreneurs need to get themselves empowered with Joomla skills to help them become self reliant. Joomla Skills indeed will be a game changer for many youths around the world as it will open the door of opportunity especially in the online environment.
Even as Joomla knowledge and skills help you become self employed, it is important to ensure that our immediate communities and societies benefit from the skills. Since one of the value of Joomla revolves round knowledge sharing and community based projects, hence, Joomla knowledge can serve as a platform to promote peace and unity among diverse society. This session would talk about how Joomla can significantly help people become their own boss , therefore reducing reliance on government Jobs. Also how the Joomla knowledge can be shared with others by sharing the Joomla Love in our communities as a way of giving back to the society.