by Chiara Aliotta

Have you noticed that these days every brand has a story and every designer is a "storyteller"?
Storytelling is the buzzword of our days. From marketing experts to motivational speakers, everyone tries to entertain and engage people with a story they want to share, retell, or participate in.

What it may look as a new trend, actually is as old as the humankind: storytelling is the primary way we absorb, manage, store, access and communicate information, as well as connect with others.
In a world overloaded of messages and products, the interest in this discipline has grown fast and stories are seen as a way to engage in some sort of decision-making or action in order to create a resolution.

However, building a powerful and memorable story on the web is not easy: it is no about how a medium can help you to communicate your stories but it is about how you can incorporate storytelling in your medium in order to communicate your messages more effectively.

In this talk, following the three-act structure that Aristotle came up with over two thousand years ago (beginning, middle and end), I will introduce some important elements that all stories have – characters, plot, action, emotion – and how we can connect them to leverage all aspects of web design into one beautiful visual story that compels your users to continue scrolling down their pages!