Von Eugene Sivokon

The main idea of the session is to provide the information for every interested person how to start own small business, how to work in a team, to plan tasks and reach them sequentially.

The session will cover such subjects as strategic planning, team management, marketing and some technical things. Potential club's founder should think on idea, then schedule the plan of works and think about business model and how the development will be financed (start-up, self-investments, etc. - we can talk about differences). Project founder should attract colleagues and creative persons to development team to get success. Besides creating the infrastructure of the club, the team should work on products for the club that also takes time. Finally, when everything is close to the finish, it is time to make new marketing research and set price model for products.

There are lot of programmers around any local community who are producing some extensions just for fun without correct business strategy, I wish I had my presentation will help them to think in different way and give a try to reach another level on the way to success, so I would be happy to share my experience with the auditory.