Von Peter Martin

Joomla 4 is a great stable and flexible CMS with a lot of functionality. Though for some people Joomla has too many options. How can you make Joomla 4 easier for your customers? By only showing what they need!

A fictional Marketing Department of your fictional Customer "Initech" wants to maintain their News Pages. However, they are a bit overwhelmed with all the options and fields in the Joomla 4 back-end. How to optimize the Joomla 4 back-end by customizing it for that Department?

Peter will tell you how to make a Joomla 4 easier for your Customers. And he will do a live demo with configuring Joomla 4 for that Marketing Department by customizing 4 areas:

User Groups
Viewing Access Levels
Access-Control Lists
Articles Edit using template override
Articles Edit using a plugin
Articles Edit using "d2 Profiles" (commercial extension)